Introducing our blogger, Spot!

Bridlebourne Spot
Bridlebourne Spot

Allow me to introduce myself.  My name is Spot.  I am a rough coat Jack Russell terrier and I live at Bridlebourne Stables with my sister, Hailey, and lots of fun people, horses, and other dogs.  I have quite the reputation as being in the midst of any and all activity at the farm so I was asked to keep you up to date  by writing this blog.   I really am quite busy supervising the stall cleaning and mowing and assisting Michelle with the horse training and lessons, but I am always willing to chip in where needed.  I don’t know what Miss Paula and Mr. Jim, the owners of Bridlebourne, would do without me.

As you can tell from the pictures on the website, my home is quite idyllic.  There is lots of grass and ponds and ditches where all the dogs like to run and play and, oh yes, arenas and pastures for the horses and a beautiful club room and viewing areas for people.  One of my personal favorite things to do is ride around on the Gator with Steve or Marlon.  But it is not only fun and games there is work, too.  I have to help bring in the horses and catch mice and greet the cars when they come down the driveway.  Dr. Shelton’s truck is one of my favorites to chase.  He is the veterinarian that comes to the farm.  We haven’t seen as much of him lately because all the babies have been born and all the mares have been bred for the year.

Spot and Steve                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Ellie Steve Spot

Brian and Robert are the farriers that come to the farm.  All the dogs love farrier day because we love, love, love hoof clippings!  Chewing and eating hoof clippings is almost as good as sneaking into a stall, after the horses are turned out and before it gets cleaned, to roll in the “fragrant” bedding.  That always gets a loud response from Miss Paula when she gets a whiff of us.  I don’t know why she gets so excited.  She must like the aroma as much as we do.

My sis, Hailey

                                                                                                           You’ll eventually hear about all the different horses and people at Bridlebourne, but I really must tell you now about the other dogs.  I’ve already mentioned  Hailey, my sister.  We’ve been together our whole lives.  We really love each other, but she is very bossy and I have learned it is better to just not cross her.  Don’t tell her I said this, but she is the best at catching mice and rats – I can’t compete with her, so I just wait until she has done the deed and then I take credit.  I don’t think anyone has caught on yet! 



Then there is Snickers.  Snickers is a great dog.  She goes home at night with Miss Paula and Mr. Jim.  She is part Beagle and is very smart and beautiful and loves Miss Paula very much.  I have a crush on her and am very jealous that she gets to go into Miss Paula’s office during the day.  She doesn’t pay much attention to me… I think she is just playing hard to get… how could she resist my charm and joie de vivre!

Alan, our farm manager, has a big dog name Cesar.  He lives at the farm and is a very good watch dog.  He can even fight armadilloes.  He doesn’t like to be outside much in the summer, but loves to run in the back pastures in the evening with Alan. 



Now that I’ve made some introductions, I need to bring you up to date on what has been happening at this busy place. 

We had a summer intern for the very first time this year.  Her name was Kaelya.  She was great.  She helped everyone, especially Miss Paula.  She did office work and helped train the ponies and went to the horse shows.  We are all very happy she will be coming back in January to stay for awhile.

There was alot of buzz about Miss Paula and Michelle’s trip to Holland and Belgium in July.  They bought several horses to bring back to the farm.  One is a big jumper named Winchester – Chester to his friends, and Zenith Dance or Zee and a pony named Rafael.  Chester is really sweet and kind.  He doesn’t seem to mind when Hailey and I help with the turnout.  He can jump a really big jump, too.  I still think I am the best jumper (I did win the terrier races at the end of school Shodeo), but Chester is pretty good.  Zee seems a little younger and interested in everything.  He has alot of energy and can turn fast and seems excited about life.  I think he and I have alot in common.  Then there is Rafael.  You wouldn’t believe how the ladies and girls swoon over this guy.  I mean, really, what does he have that I don’t!  Ok, so he is bay with four white socks and a blaze and a cute head and he moves like a dream (or so I’ve been told) and jumps a 10 (whatever that means).  He’s just a pony, right?  I am really tired of hearing “Oh, he is soooo cute. ” ” I could just squeeze him. ” ” Look at his cute little ears.” “Look at him trot.”  “Look at him jump.”  I keep thinking -People!  down here.  I’m cute.  I have cute ears.  You can squeeze me.  But no.  They are mesmerized by “Raffie”.  Oh well, my consolation is that I’ll still be here way after he is gone! (Check out our Horses For Sale page)


It has been a little quiet around here lately because Michelle and eight of the horses have been at horse shows the last two weekends.  I heard Miss Paula telling Alan that everyone did really well, but that she was particularly pleased about a young horse, Kona (Special Blend), who was Champion Baby Green one week.  I guess he was really quiet and jumped really well and won the hack.  She also modestly told him that she was Reserve Champion in the Pre Adult equitation division on Charley.  That was a big deal for her because she hasn’t shown over fences in a really long time.  My good etiquette prevents me from disclosing how long it has actually been, but suffice it to say it has been before cell phones, iPods, X boxes, and the Internet!

IMG_2159       Scarlet Starlet (Congrats/Red Hot Star)

It was actually a very good week for Miss Paula.  We breed show horses here, but we also breed thoroughbred race horses.  At the Ocala Breeder’s Sale, one of our very own homebreds was the session topper.  Scarlet Starlet “Pebbles” sold for the most money of any of the several hundred horses selling that day.   Watch for her at the races next year.

Luis, who works here, and his wife, Reina had a baby boy last Saturday.  I had heard that they were thinking about naming him after me but instead decided to go with Angel.  I think they must have thought it might be confusing to have two Spots so just decided to name him after my angelic personality.

This coming weekend, Michelle will ride Chester, Zee, and Kona at the horse show.  Tomorrow, I will have to be on standby in case she needs my help loading the guys on the trailer.  Sometimes a little nip at their heels speeds up the process.  And then again sometimes I just hear “Spot, we don’t need your help.”   Some people just don’t know how to accept a gracious offer of assistance.

That’s all for now.  Check back to find out how everybody does at the show and what mischief, I mean, what jobs I will be doing at the farm.


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