Happy Halloween


Miss Paula has been travelling alot and I haven’t been able to use the computer.  I am so happy to finally be able to tell you everything that has been happening.

I heard everyone did really well at the little NFHJA schooling show at the beginning of the month.  Sara and Billy, Emily and Jason, Michelle and Sunny, and, believe it or not, Savannah and Cowboy.  I say, believe it or not, because Cowboy is one of Miss Paula’s Chincoteague ponies that Mr. Jim bought for her three years ago.   He was born in Assateague National Park inVirginia.  Every year, the last week of July, the herd swims across the channel at slack tide to Chincoteague Island where the foals are auctioned to benefit the volunteer fire department.  Cowboy was just 4 months old.  Miss Paula says that all the horse crazy young girls of her generation read the Misty of Chincoteague books.  The girls at the barn have never heard of Misty.   Mr. Jim gave him his show name of Wayward Star because he has a small white blotch on his shoulder that Mr. Jim says got lost on its way to Cowboy’s forehead!  Well, anyway, Savannah loves Cowboy and Cowboy loves Savannah, so Miss Paula said she could take him to the show.  First time away from the farm and he acted like an old pro.  We were all so proud of both of them.  Of course, I taught him just about everything he knows.  I really had to nip at his heels to teach him to load the trailer during his yearling training, but now he is as good as gold.  It just goes to show that when they are started right…..



We also weaned the babies this month.  We had two fillies this year, both approved Belgian Warmblood.  Jordana BF “Lucy”,  by Paparazzo out of Riches in Glory and Jasmina BF “Desi” by Ironman out of Darling Sola.  Alan and Miss Paula always feel a little sad.  Especially when the mom and baby seem to have a special bond like Desi and Sola, but the moms and little girls all seem to be doing fine.


Alan has also been busy mowing, fertilizing, and planting rye grass for the winter.  All the horses have been moved to different pastures so that they can continue to have green pastures all year long.  I told Alan I could help with the fertilizing, but he said that he already had too much of that kind of fertilizer!

Michelle has been training one of our homebred two year old thoroughbred fillies, Smooth Romance … Princess to her friends, and Smo Ro to her homeys.  Kaelya had started her this summer and Michelle says she is one of the quietest, easiest babies she has ever worked with – walk, trot, canter, and natural auto lead changes.  She has started taking her over ground poles and will finish with crossrails before turning her back out with her girlfriends for the winter.  Her serious training will start in the spring.  I have heard people saying that she will make someone a really nice hunter.  That’s our girl!  See Horses For Sale.

We welcomed a new horse and his owner to Bridlebourne this month.  Pat and her horse, Baederbob, moved down from New Jersey.  It is a big change for both of them, but I’m going to do my best to show them the ropes.  With Florida’s changing weather, they have already experienced winter, summer, and fall all within a week’s time!

I’m very excited to tell you about another new horse that is coming to Bridlebourne.  He and I have been email penpals now for awhile and he sounds like a great guy.  I’ve already met his mom, Millie, and although I think she was a little standoffish due to my reputation for welcoming people by lifting my leg,  I think I’m really going to like her, too.  Casino and I will meet in person for the first time next week.

Well, boys and girls, ladies and gents, that’s all for now.  Snickers, Cesar, Hailey, and I all wish you a Happy Halloween.  Stay safe and have fun. 


Snickers at Halloween 2002CesarIMG_2167

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