Happy Thanksgiving!

November started off with a VROOOM!  Mr. Jim hosted the Second Annual CMA (Christian Motorcyclist Association) Cookout at the farm.  There were about 150 guests, most of whom rode in on their bikes.  Although Mr. Jim told people not to feed the dogs, I did manage to get a fair share of roasted hog and hot dogs.  I can’t wait until next year.

                             spot by CMA poster                spot at CMA picnie

Millie and Casino showed with Bridlebourne for the first time at the NFHJA show.  I think my close relationship with Casino brought him good luck because they were Champion in the Adult Amateur division and won the Classic.  Devon showed her horse, Leighton Bay “Toby”, for the first time, too.  Sara took her new horse, Backstreet Bay “Baxter”, too.  Our veterans, Emily and Adios “Jason”, were Reserve Champion Children’s Hunter Pony.  Congrats to all!

Miss Paula is excited because her lifelong friend, Jean, is visiting for Thanksgiving.  Jean has horses in California and has never been to Bridlebourne.  Miss Paula has warned me to be on my best behavior.  I don’t know why she is worried.  I’m always friendly and engaging.

Alan is looking foward to a busy Thanksgiving week.  That is when we start putting the open mares under lights so they can be bred early next year and we also decorate the barn for Christmas.  That means the dogs will get stockings full of treats – enough to last for a whole month – ahhh…life is good.

I hope everyone has a Happy Thanksgiving and remembers to be grateful for all the good things and special people in their lives.  I know I am so thankful for my home at Bridlebourne and all my great friends – two legged and four legged, and I know everyone is super thankful to have me around!

Eat alot of turkey and think of me!


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