Happy New Year!

Well, folks, sorry it has been so long since my last post.  Miss Paula separated her shoulder at the last horse show and, unfortunately, I need her help  with this blog.  Don’t worry she’ll be fine.

Thanksgiving week was alot of fun at the farm.  Miss Paula’s friend, Jean, came out and rode and planted flowers and plants around the office.  All the guys were sorry to see her go, but not nearly as much as Miss Paula.  We all hope she comes back to visit really soon.

Miss Paula went to the USHJA Annual Convention and was honored for her work on the Breeder’s Committee.  I always wondered what she is doing in her office everyday.  I guess she really is working!

We took Casino, Sunny, Winchester, Zenith Dance, Special Blend, and Cosmic Charley to the RMI December “A” show the middle of the month.  Charley didn’t get to show because of Miss Paula’s mishap, but Casino was Reserve Champion Adult Amateur and Winchester was Reserve Champion Second Year Green Hunter.  Congratulations to all.

All the ladies had a nice Christmas Party where they studied hunter rounds, ate, and got little gifts.  That is only what I heard because, ahem… I wasn’t invited.  Snickers got to go, but do you think they included Hailey and me?  No.  I guess I shouldn’t be too upset, I did get my stocking full of dog treats.

I’ve met a new trainer in recent days.  Megan Young, who won the Medal and Maclay in 2004 will be riding the Bridlebourne horses at the Jacksonville shows in January.  She seems really nice and seems to like Chester, Kona, and Zee, so I can’t wait to hear how they do. 

Our summer intern, Kaelya, will be back to work for Bridlebourne fulltime in January.  We are all anxious to see her again.  She will be helping out with lessons and at the shows and with all of Miss Paula’s office work.  Welcome back, Kaelya.

I’ve been dictating this to Miss Paula and I think her shoulder is starting to hurt so I’ll take it easy on her and stop for now.  Keep your email comments coming in.  I love hearing from you!


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