Happy St. Patrick’s Day

Hello friends!

I think Spring is finally trying to be sprung.  It has really been cold at the farm.  I’m not even going to say “cold, for Florida”.  It has been just plain cold.  We have recently been enjoying a little warmer weather.

Along with spring, comes more babies and we have another announcement to make.  Java Ridge, “Java”, had a beautiful filly, Rosie, on March 14th.  She is by Paparazzo and is bay with a pretty blaze and 3 tall stockings.  She is destined for the Hunter ring.  My friend, Lily, and Rosie’s mom really know how to make her feel welcome!  Alan, our farm manager, did a great job, as usual, with helping Rosie into this world.







Winchester, Rafael, and Casino have been at the horse shows in Ocala for the last five weeks.  Winchester has been showing successfully in the equitation divisions with Molly Braswell and Chase Boggio and is now in Wellington to be shown there for the next month.  He is a great guy and we hope he does well.  Rafael has been Champion and Reserve in the Small Pony and Small Green Pony divisions.  Yes, I know, “he’s so cute”.  Ashton Alexander has been showing him for Miss Paula.  Casino and Miss Millie have done well in the Adult Amateur divisions. 

Zenith Dance has been in Gulfport, MS with Wilhelm Genn.  His son, Theo, has been showing “Zee” in the 1.20 meter classes and the Six Year Old Young Jumper Championship Qualifying classes.  We are all waiting to see video, but we hear that he has been a phenom.

Kaelya and Miss Paula have started working with the three year olds.  They have all been ridden before, but now they start their more serious training.  Hailey and I really like this process because we are very involved.  Alot of the initial work is done in the training pen.  For some reason the horses are encouraged to go around in circles – sometimes at a walk, sometimes at a trot, sometimes at a canter – it is quite dizzying.  Anyway, Hailey has her favorite spot where she has dug a little hole under the fence where she can bark at the horses feet as they go around.  She takes her job quite seriously and is always available to assist.  My duties are to get the horses accustomed to noise and commotion, so I perch myself on the viewing deck and as the horses get close, I jump up on the side of the pen and bark as loudly as I can.  It is quite the coordinated effort.  Snickers, in my opinion, is quite lazy because she just lays in the sun on the viewing deck watching Hailey and I do all the work.  I think Kaelya and Miss Paula think that we are very talented and would like for us to be able to teach others how to perform as we do because I heard her tell Kaelya that she wishes she had a video of us helping.

Speaking of three year olds, we received Tigger’s awards from USEF and USHJA this last week.  He was Reserve Champion in the Silver Stirrup Awards for Two Year Old Hunter Breeding and Sixth in Zone 4.  Congrats Tigger!

Racing news!

He’s So Chic wins another race – this time at Gulfstream and Mr. Jim was there to see this one.  Congratulations, Chicy.

 Chic 2




























Well, that’s all for now, ladies and germs.  We leave you with Snickers’ special St. Patrick’s Day greeting. St Patricks Snickers







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