Spring is in the Air


Hi friends and neigh…..bors!  Get it?  NEIGH.. bors!  (I just crack myself up!)  We have been so busy at the farm since my last post.  You guessed it, we have had more little foals.  Grizzley W, mom to Tigers and Bears, and Jewel, had a filly by Ironman on April 6th.  In keeping with our Jetson’s theme this year, we call her Judy.    Ellie, mom to Besame Mucho “Dino” had a little filly on Derby Day, May 1st.  We call her Sprocket.  We are always so relieved to have a healthy baby, although all of the visitors to the farm do require alot of my time to accompany them on the tour!







This time of year is always demanding for our guys getting the pastures and landscaping in shape. That means I have to keep a sharp eye on things so that we don’t get behind. 










Alan and Luis have done a great job fertilizing, mowing, weeding, and trimming.  I am so proud of Bridlebourne.  It looks absolutely beautiful this time of year.  And to make it even better we have paved our parking lots!  Wow- does it look spiffy.  Mr. Jim said it was an anniversary gift to Miss Paula.  He said it wasn’t the gold, silver, or diamond anniversay – the 20th is asphalt!

Chad Watridge, our trainer, has been working with the three year olds and they are very impressive.  They even went to a horse show in Ocala to get used to being on the show grounds.

Rafael continues to take the small pony division by storm.  He is second in the country in the small green division and at the RMI show in Ocala he won all the over fences classes, was second in the under saddle and won the classic in the small pony hunters.  He’s like a rock star!




Special Blend “Kona” continues his winning ways, too.  He was Reserve Champion in the combined PreGreen division at RMI and is second in Zone 4 in the 3 foot PreGreen division.

Winchester and Zenith Dance are with Wilhelm Genn at his farm in Ohio for a few weeks before starting to show again.  Their next show is in Atlanta in May.

It is really difficult to keep track of all the comings and goings, but that is what makes living and working here so exciting.

Racing News –

He’s So Chic shipped to Monmouth Racetrack for the summer.  He should be racing again in May.

Federal Exchange “Fedex”, a two year old should start racing in June.

A special “Bark Out” to my new canine lady friends who have been leaving comments and I want to make sure that I wish all the ladies a Happy Mother’s Day.   Hailey and I will gladly give all the moms who visit a big, wet kiss to show our affection!


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