Summertime is Sublime!

Hi folks,

Spot here, keeping you up to date on everything Bridlebourne.  May was very busy with breeding mares, mowing pastures, horse shows and racing.  Where shall I start?

First of all, farm news.  Red Hot Star is back at the farm from Kentucky with her baby colt, Astro.  Astro is a thoroughbred that Miss Paula says will be a racehorse.  He looks a little timid for that right now, but now that I know his future career, I can start on his training.  The other foals are headed for the show ring.   We always load the babies on the trailer while they are still with their moms to make it easier later.  That is a lesson Miss Paula and Alan learned a long time ago.  They all got an A+.  Even Judy did well, although she has a disadvantage because her mom, Grizzley, makes such a racket moving around in the trailer, it would scare anyone.

Hailey and I have been trying to stay one step ahead of Kaelya because we know she wants to give us baths and bodyclip us.  She has been body clipping anything that moves, the last few weeks.  I keep trying to tell her that my hairstyle is part of my persona – don’t mess with perfection is my motto!

In racing news, we had a bittersweet day on May 29th.  He’s So Chic raced at Monmouth Park and won, again! but he was claimed.  Seven people wanted him.  He’s almost as popular as I am.  Miss Paula and Mr. Jim raced him seven times – he won 3 times, was second once and was fourth once.  We bid you a fond adieu, Chicy.  You will always be remembered as Bridlebourne Racing’s first horse and as a winner with a lot of heart.

Federal Exchange is scheduled to make his two year old debut soon – check back for updates.






















My friend, Casino, Millie’s horse, is quite perplexed about how to handle a new situation in his life.  Millie bought a new horse named Noble, with the help of Chad, our trainer.  Now Casino knows he is the light of Millie’s life, but this new guy is really sweet and handsome.  I keep telling Casino that he is one of a kind and has nothing to worry about.  Anyway, I know, Millie has enough treats and grooming and grazing time for another guy, after all, she gives me alot of treats and attention, too!

noble and casino 003







Mr. Jim and Miss Paula went to a horse show in Atlanta to see Rafael, Winchester, and Zenith Dance, who are all doing fine, by the way.  Rafael was Champion Small Pony, winning the model and the Classic.  Zee won the Six Year Old Young Jumper Champion Class and Chester performed well in all his classes.

Several people went to a horse show in Ocala and I heard that Sara was Reserve Champion Pre Children’s Equitation on Hogie and Devon got great ribbons on Toby.  Kona was Champion PreGreen and Noble was Reserve Champion PreGreen with Chad aboard.  And I might mention that was Noble’s very first horse show!  Kona was also Pre Green Circuit Champion of the RMI Spring Circuit!!  The show was alot of fun with a cookout one night and watching the Belmont another night.  Hey guys, when can I go to a show?  I am really offended that I have to hear about all this fun stuff second hand from Snickers.

I see some preparations underway for a few events in June – Bridlebourne is hosting an Oldenburg stallion inspection and Mr. Jim is hosting a cookout for the BMW motorcycle club of Northeast Florida.  Another horse show in Atlanta and maybe another horse race.  

 Babies to be weaned and horses to be trained, pastures to be mowed and rings to be dragged – the cycle of life at Bridlebourne.  I love it!

Happy Father’s Day to all and check back for more summer updates.

Your pal,


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