Hey, it’s Hot!

Hi folks,

It really is hot here, after all it is July in Florida, but sometimes I feel like I am just melting…even after Kaelya got to me with the clippers! But we are all surviving.  I have to apologize because I missed wishing everyone a Happy Fourth of July.. at least I am in time for Flag Day!

Rafael continues to impress by being Champion at three more shows..way to go, Raffie.  Kona and Noble did great at a show in Atlanta and are now headed for Charleston.

Federal Exchange started in his first race but was disqualified…he bumped the side coming out of the starting gate, dislodging the jockey’s foot from the stirrup, the horse to the inside veered out and bumped him, he clipped heels with the horse in front, stumbled, the jockey fell off, and he finished the race jockeyless!!!!  Miss Paula, Mr. Quinn, the trainer and their guests were stunned.  Horse and jockey were uninjured.   Lets hope all the bad things happened in this one race.  Better luck next time, Fedex!

That’s all for now,

Spotty Boy (that’s what Miss Paula affectionately (I think) calls me.

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