It’s Been Awhile!

I know…. the questions on everyone’s mind are “Where has Spot been?” “How can I survive without Spot’s regular blog updates?”  I have no explanation for my absence other than to tell you that, knowing that I have disappointed my loyal followers, I will try to make it up to you!

After the Jacksonville shows, the jumpers went to Gulfport for five weeks of showing.  Zenith Dance made his mark on the 7/8 Year Old Jumper division and ended up Circuit Champion.  He also ended the year third in Zone 4 in the 6 Year Old Jumpers.  Miss Paula is going to have to make space for all of his ribbons and coolers.  Winchester is continuing to mature and impress in the bigger jumper divisions.  Both are earning their keep in prize money so keep up the good work guys.

Special Blend ended the year third in Zone 4 in the 3 foot PreGreen division and Rafael was Reserve Champion in both the Small Green and the Small Pony Hunter divisions in Zone 4.  And the awards just keep on coming!!!!

At the farm, we’ve been having babies.  As most of you know, Miss Paula, gets a kick out of picking the barn names for the foals and has a theme each year.  This year it is Gilligan’s Island.  We already have “Lovey” and “The Professor”.  “Lovey” is a beautiful half sister to Princess, Kalli, and Elroy.  She will make a dandy hunter – or so I am told.  “The Professor”, appropriately enough was born at the University of Florida  (his mom has had some difficult pregnancies).  He was bred to race.   Alan tells me he is not getting any sleep because Java’s foal is due any time and we have three more closely following.  That just means that I will have more to report.

I heard Chagall and Princess went to a local schooling show.  Paige and Chagall were Champions in the Pre Adult Hutners and Pre Adult Equitation.  Congratulations.  It was Princess’ first show and Kaelya said she acted just like a pro and got ribbons and everything.

Miss Paula has been traveling…alot…and she won’t be done for a few more weeks.  I don’t know about you, but I am anxiously awaiting the lazy days of summer!

Your sunny friend,


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