Happy Easter

Hi to all the chicks and bunnies out there!  I hope everyone had a Happy Easter with family and friends.  We had alot hatching around here…two more foals since my last post.  Java had a filly by Hunter Champion, Ragtime.  Her name is Ginger and CJ had a filly by Richard (Decadent) named Mary Ann.  We are still waiting for Gilligan or Skipper!

I have been wearing myself out keeping away from the washracks.  I feel a bath and a clip job coming and I want no part of it.  Everyone says I look so cute afterwards, but the whole process goes against my “au naturale” persona.

We have started back with the training of the three year olds and Jewel and Kalli are doing very well.  We have also started Dino.  Hailey is feeling very left out, however, because her peep hole under the wall of the training pen has been filled in and she has to resort to just running around the outside to help with the lunging.

I guess I’ll leave you with this thought….You’re no bunny ’til some bunny loves you, and I do!


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