Dog Days of Summer

We have had a rough spring and start to the summer.  It has been extremely hot and dry and smoky.  There have been forest fires in the area and sometimes the smoke is so thick, you can’t see to the other end of the pastures.  Thank goodness, recently, we have had enough rain to eliminate the smoke.  And that also means we can have fireworks for the 4th of July!

Well, I did get shaved for the summer – oh, the humiliation… but people do seem to like it and I get picked up alot more, so I’ll suffer through.

Two new boarders arrived yesterday.  Max and Skyway.  They are really cool.  Skyway is an older gentleman and Max is a young guy.  Miss Beth who owns them is very nice.  I’m hoping that by saying complementary things about all of them that Miss Beth might give me some treats – hint..hint!

I heard that Raffie did well at the Devon Horse Show and then was Champion at a show after that.  It won’t be long before Pony Finals – Good Luck, Little Man.

Zee and Chester continue to do well in the jumper ranks with Wilhelm and Theo Genn.  I did hear, however, that Mr. Jim and Miss Paula and Kaelya went to see Chester in a Grand Prix in Atlanta and it wasn’t his best effort.  Oh well..  not everyone can be on top of their game every minute of everyday like some …uh hem..  we know.  I really am one of a kind!

Miss Paula tried to take some pictures but the camera needs new batteries – maybe next time.  It is hard to get good help these days.

Happy 4th of July, fellow Patriots!

Your pal,


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