Good News Bad News

Well, since my last post, there has been alot of activity at the farm, but also alot of anxiety because Miss Paula became very ill and hasn’t been able to visit me as much as usual.  She is doing well in her recovery, but we all miss her being around all the time.  We also don’t get to see Snickers quite as often, much to my dismay!

In the meantime, Alan, Kaelya, Marlon, Richardo, and Mario have been holding down the fort and doing an excellent job. 

We first had the weaning of the babies – Alan has it down to a science and it went great.  It was funny watching the four babies out in the big pasture for the first time.  It looked like one four headed, sixteen legged beast … you couldn’t tell where one began and the other left off.  They are a sweet group that all get along.  We found out we do have one jumper in the group, for sure, when they were all headed for the gate to be brought in with Ginger in the lead.  She knew if she stopped for the fence, the others would all run into her so she just jumped it – all four feet of it – only minor damage to the top board and barely skinned her “shins”!

Alan was busy getting prepared for Hurricane season – checking the generator, picking up loose items, clearing areas to park equipment under the arena.  He likes to be prepared and we all benefit from his planning.  Thanks, Alan.

Raffie did great at Pony Finals – he was first out of 99 after the first day, but fell back to 17th overall after the over fences – still good for having to compete with all those veterans.  It looks like he will qualify for Indoors – Go Raffie.

Zenith Dance was sold to a wonderful family in Colorado.  We hope he will continue his winning ways with Sarah Tredennick – Congratulations and Good Luck.  We will miss him.  All the girls call him adorable, but that is a little much for me to concede!

I love my Bridlebourne family and want to pass along Miss Paula’s thanks for all those who have been sending her well wishes.

Your ever faithful pal,


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