The Happiest of New Years!

I hope everyone had a wonderful fall and holiday season.  We are all looking forward to a great 2012.  Miss Paula and Snickers have been gearing back up for a busy winter.  She will be going to Wellington to see Winchester, Special Blend and Rafael, then Smooth Romance and Kalliope will be at the Jacksonville shows and then Tigers and Bears will be in his first 3 day event.  And that is just in January!

Alan has been planning for foaling season with our first mare due the end of January.  It is hard to believe the little babies will now be yearlings.  I heard that we will only be breeding three mares this spring.  I guess a couple of them will be getting a much needed break. 

On the racing front, Federal Exchange got claimed, but Popular Demand and Astronautica (homebreds) are in training in Ocala.  Miss Paula is hoping Popular Demand “Bam Bam” will be sent to the track soon.  I wish I could go see him race – that would be something.  I could really get him going out of that starting gate.

I have started some new routines lately that I really enjoy.  One is that I am now allowed into Miss Paula’s office when she gets to the farm in the morning.  She gives me and Snickers treats and I can stay in for a little while to visit.  I can tell she doesn’t like to let me out of her sight.  I told Snickers that she must  think that I am really handsome, but Snickers said she is just afraid I will do something untoward!  I can’t imagine why she would think such a thing…

Signing off,

Your rascally friend, Spot

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