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Attack of Narcolepsy

I know everyone has been wondering where I’ve been and why I haven’t posted since last December.  Well, as these pictures will show, I’ve slept my way through winter, spring, and summer.  I’ve also put on a few lbs.  Nevertheless, the farm has managed to survive without my constant supervision.  I have had enough energy to photobomb a few pictures for old time sake.  My motto, which you might want to consider for yourself…”If you are feeling nappy, succomb!”IMG_0840 IMG_0841 IMG_0842






















Good night, ya’ll,

Wake me for food!


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Wellington, Here I Come

It is about time that I was allowed to go to a horse show.  Snickers, my love, has been to many shows and, although, she has told me that she doesn’t care much for all the dogs that are milling around, it sounds wonderful to me so… I am thrilled that I get to go to Wellington for the winter.  My first excursions have been totally awesome, even though Miss Paula has a tendency to drag me around and leave me in the golf cart quite a bit.  But it is an exciting change for me to actually see the horses showing and schooling and not just to hear about it later.  The youngsters did not disappoint as Colora won the 6 Year Old Jumper class and Gevalia BF (better known by her BrLovey WEFidlebourne kin as Lovey) was Champion Baby Green at her first show ever!




Lovey WEF 1


Gran Corazon (Mary Ann) is growing up and getting used to being at a show by studying the International Arena.  She thinks she can do it and we do, too.Corazon WEF



I hope all of you had a Happy Thanksgiving.  I am certainly thankful for my people, horsey, and doggy friends that make my life so amazing!


Sloppy kisses to all,

Your friend, Spot

Spot at WEF

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Stormy Times Bring Changes

Well, friends, I have been delinquent in keeping you up to date on Bridlebourne’s happenings and in June we had quite a whirlwind, literally!  An EF 0 tornado blew through and did quite a bit of damage at the farm.  Trees were uprooted, our flag pole snapped like a twig and sheet metal roofing cut a swath of damage in the path of the storm.  The roof and shedrow on the south side of the arena was completely demolished.  Thanks to Alan’s diligence in watching the weather, all the horses were safely in the barns.  After many months of consulting with insurance adjusters, engineers and contractors, the reconstruction is almost complete and we will now have bleachers that will view the indoor arena.  

tornado damage


Spot construction supervisor



I have really had my paws full with all the supervision that I have had to do.  Thank goodness I had the proper uniform.  Safety is important and, although I didn’t think that a hard hat was necessary, my vest alerted everyone to use caution!

Just wait until you see the final product.  I think that you will like it!

Your hard workin’ friend,



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I’m Always in Trouble!

I am wiritng this blog as penance.  I am in the dog house – big time, which translates to …I’m spending alot of time in my little (and I emphasize, little) crate in the car and at home.

I have a tendency to get a little excited and my jaws just quiver.  Can I help it if sometimes something gets in my mouth and the quivering does some destruction?  I have been known to chew the inside door panels of a car that I am traveling in.  The first time was the Durango – Ok, it was old and it got repaired, but then – horrors.  I made the mistake of getting overly zealous with my barking and biting in Mr. Jim’s Mercedes.  That cost, not only, a pretty penny to fix, but also cost me the right to ever ride in that car again and I now have to be in a crate in Miss Paula’s vehicle if I am left alone.  Everything was peachy until she got a new Jeep Cherokee.  Yes, the crate got moved to the back of the new car, but I snuck some chews in on the rear door panel, the very same day the door panel shield arrived in the mail.  Oh boy – the wailing that ensued.  “My brand new car!”  “A day late on the door shield!” “How could you?!”  Well actually it was pretty easy.  Couldn’t she see those very distinct teeth marks?

My Handiwork

My Handiwork

Meanwhile at the farm, it is business as usual.  The barns are getting something of a makeover – pressure washing and moisture sealing the stalls, and the landscaping is getting tidied up.

We also have a whole new group of young horses getting started, three and four year olds.  From the chatter in the barn aisle, they are doing superbly!

Then there are the horses that are on the road showing.  Miss Paula visited Winchester and Dino in Traverse City, Michigan in July.  Desi has been showing in the Northeast in the Low Adult Jumpers.  Jewel completed her first recognized Event and finished on her dressage score.

I love Bridlebourne, the horses and people that make it special and, especially, Miss Paula! (Did I grovel enough?  Am I forgiven?)  Ahhhh..I got a kiss and a smile.  I am a happy pup.


Your friend,


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Summer Makeovers

Ok, so how many of you have summer makeovers?  Maybe a new hairstyle, a new diet… Well Miss Paula has had me on a diet since moving in with her and Mr. Jim, but, yes indeedy, I got the summer haircut once again.  It was a little embarassing at first, but I get so much more petting and hugging I’ve decided it is a good thing – I am definitely stylin’.

Speaking of stylin’, Miss Paula and her friend, Sue, went to the Devon Horse Show to see Winchester compete in the $100,000 Grand Prix.  They said that the Country Fair and the tradition of the Devon Show was alot of fun.  They even have a Lady’s Hat Contest there.  It didn’t dampen their enthusiasm when Winchester had no jumping faults in the Grand Prix!  Earlier in the week, our old friend, Rafael, was
Small Pony Hunter Champion with his new owner.  Wow!  What do I have to do to top those two guys?

For the next three weeks, Winchester will be showing in Canada at the Spruce Meadows Horse Show and, yes, Miss Paula will be going to give him her usual pep talk before the big class.


Back at the farm, we weaned Tango (Ituzaingo BF) and have continued with training of Judy (Kodiak BF) and Elroy (Freeport BF).   Maybe that sounds a little boring, but we also had a tornado come through our little town of Elkton!  Believe me, there is never a dull moment.  I am plotting, however, to stow away in one of Miss Paula’s suitcases sometime.  I do have some experience…Hailey and I hopped a ride once in the horse trailer to Ocala.  We were discovered when Miss Paula saw me on the trailer cam jumping up and down.  That was an exciting day, we got to see a racetrack and meet new friends.  Yes… I need to do some planning.

Happy 4th of July,





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Spring of Winchester!

Hear Ye, Hear Ye, Winchester Wins!

That’s all we heard this spring.  Winchester, Winchester, Winchester…Well, I guess, it is a pretty big deal.  He was second 3 out of 4 weeks and then won the $50,000 Grand Prix in Gulfport, Mississippi and was, obviously, Circuit Champion.  Then a few weeks later, he won the FEI Speed Derby at the Omaha International Horse Show.  What a dude and I knew him when!  We were all so happy that Miss Paula got to see both of his victories.  He will be showing at Devon and Spruce Meadows this summer and I think she already has her bags packed.


We had another foal in February , Ituzaingo “Tango”, a colt by Richard, out of Riches in Glory.  He is quite the looker and is very playful.  Since we only had the one foal, he wants to play with Alan and Miss Paula…he needs a playmate … badly!  I think one of the ponies will be sacrificed, I mean, will have the opportunity to keep him company.


Freeport BF “Elroy” and Kodiak BF “Judy” are both doing well having been started undersaddle.  They should be top notch hunters.  Elroy has come along so well even Miss Paula rides him.  He must be quite a good natured three year old for Miss Paula to trust him.



I have to admit that I am a little bored at the farm these days.  I get ignored alot and, frankly, I have gotten lazy.  I have learned that bad attention isn’t all that great and attention for being good is just not that fun.  Of course, I like any attention, but I’ve lost some of my motivation for mischief.  Wasn’t that part of my charm?  I’m always anxious to go out to the farm, but soon enough, I’m just as anxious to go home at night.  Has Miss Paula tamed my wild side?  Ah, the price of devotion.

I’ve noticed that the young horses start putting aside some of their mischief, too, when they are being trained, but they seem to enjoy the attention they get, as well.  Maybe it isn’t such a bad thing – this “being on your best behavior” stuff.

Here’s hoping everyone has someone to behave for!

Your canine philosopher,



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Merry Christmas


First of all, I must apologize for not keeping up with my blogging duties.  I can’t quite believe how long it has been myself.  I have no excuses other than the fact that Miss Paula has been keeping me so busy, I hardly have time to scratch.

Well I guess she doesn’t keep me busy all the time.  I have had a chance to enjoy my new surroundings.  Working at the farm is fabulous, but c’mon, man…there is more to life than begging for treats, eating hoof clippings, watching people ride around the arena, chasing the vet truck, and rolling in..ahem, well, you get the idea!

 We have sold horses and said some permanent goodbyes to some old friends, but life goes on with young horses starting in training (Jasmina BF “Desi” and Freeport BF “Elroy”) and others continuing their successful show careers.  Winchester competed in his first FEI World Cup class in September.  Mr. Jim and Miss Paula went to Kentucky to see him and they said he performed very well for his first time at that level. 




He is in Wellington for the month of December.  Kona is there, too, doing the Junior division.  Miss Paula and Miss Patty, one of our friends from the barn and the mom of some of my cousins, went down to see both of them, Miss Patty’s horse, Hogie, and our old friend, Rafael.  A fun time was had by all – or so I heard!


I didn’t have a great Thanksgiving this year.  Snickers and I were left at a kennel while the rest of our “family” went to Indiana, but I had so much else to be thankful for, I couldn’t be upset for long. 

Earlier this month, one of the trainers at the barn, Michelle, had everyone… well not me and Snickers.. but everyone else from the barn over for a nice Christmas Party dinner.  No one even brought us back leftovers.  When I asked Miss Paula about that, she said it was so good, there weren’t any leftovers…hmmmm?

I do want to wish all my peeps and furry brothers and sisters out there a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.  I hope you will find the time to enjoy family and friends and remember the reason for the season.

Signing off for now.

Catch up with you in 2013.

Your friend, Spot.




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Hot Times in the Country

Ok, lets get the weather conversation over with.  First it was perfect, then wet, now hot….any questions??  Seriously, Tropical Storm Debbie left the farm a little squishy so we are just now drying out and getting pastures mowed and the outdoor arena back in shape.  Thank goodness we have the indoor arena!

My biggest news is that after a little dustup with my buddies at the farm (I may have started it, but I also got the worst of it!), I am now living with the love of my life, Snickers.  Miss Paula and Mr. Jim (and Snickers) have welcomed me into their home and I am loving it.  I never could understand why Snickers wasn’t that sad to leave the farm at the end of day… now I get it.  Nothing like having the best of two worlds.  I do have to have more baths, but that is a very small price to pay.

We had quite the shuffle of horses in June.  Kalli went to live with her new owners, Princess is going to live at another local barn with her new owners, Bam Bam has retired from racing and is now with Dean Graham, and Kona is home from Wellington.  Everyone is happy.  Miss Paula has been having fun riding Kona so he is top horse at the moment.

Since my last post, we had another foal born and we are already getting close to weaning time.  Three colts and a filly this year.  Just what Miss Paula wanted.  They really are a good looking bunch.

Part of the reason for the fracas with the dogs was that Alan’s dog, Cesar, died suddenly a few weeks ago and Alan now has a new puppy, Lincoln.  I think I was a little jealous of Lincoln and without Cesar to keep everyone in line, it got a little out of hand.  I miss him so much that I wrote a poem.

                                                       Ode to Cesar

 I once had a friend named Cesar.  He was handsome and strong.

Sometimeswhen I misbehaved, he would tell me I was wrong.

Although I was older, he was bigger;

And you didn’t want to cross him because he had a temper like a trigger;

But if you were ever in trouble, you wanted him on your side.

He would protect you and you could hide.

Cesar, my buddy, you will be missed

By everyone at Bridlebourne for reasons too many to list.

Rest in peace, my friend.





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Happy St. Patty’s Day and Easter, too!

I’m so busy these days that I thought I should double up on my holidays.  I hope you don’t mind. 

We have had such exciting times to go along with our beautiful spring weather.  We have had two foals.  Romeo and Hansel.  Again, Miss Paula is all agog over other guys.  I don’t have nearly the competition when we have fillies.  I have to admit, though, that both young men are handsome.  Nothing compared to yours truly, but that should go without saying!

Special Blend (Kona) won a Small Junior Hunter class in Wellington this weekend.  He is a great guy – rock solid.  I’m glad he is getting the recognition he deserves.  Katie, who rides him, really shows him off well.

Tigers and Bears (Tigger) who has continued to do well in the eventing world, went to a dressage show for a little practice and ended up receiving a qualifying score of over 68.  Hunters, eventing, now dressage??? Talent and good looks.  Some guys have it all. 

Drum roll, please!   Winchester won his first Grand Prix today at Gulfport Week VI.  He has been knocking on the door for weeks.  Second, third, and now…first place.  Way to go, W!  Snickers was always his favorite, but I don’t hold a grudge.

If it weren’t for us hard workers at the farm, our equine buddies wouldn’t be able to do what they do at the shows.  We know they appreciate us holding down the fort..farm.   We get lots of special treats and pats.  I wish someone could let Miss Paula know that the baths aren’t really looked upon as a reward.  Oh well, it is true that I get more attention, the cleaner I am.

Your happy hound, (well not really a hound, but I was going for alliteration!)


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Well Wishes to all my Sweethearts

I know that I am a little late for Valentine’s Day, but Mr. Jim says that the ladies like to receive gifts and such on a non- Hallmark day.  So here you go!

We have had an exciting 6 weeks since my last post.  Miss Paula did indeed visit our horses in Wellington.  Raffie was showing and was a star, Winchester also showed and was a star, and Kona had the weekend off, but he is a star, too!  Raffie actually was sold in January so Miss Paula was glad that she had one last chance to kiss his nose and fondle his little ears.  (I have told her repeatedly that I have a kissable nose and fondleable ears!).  Winchester went on to Pensacola where he placed in all the Grand Prixs, and Kona has been super in the Small Junior division.

Smooth Romance, “Princess”, and Kalli went to two weeks of the Jacksonville Winter Series where Princess was Champion the first week and won a Baby Green class the second week.  Kalli was just hanging out, learning to be a show horse.

Tigger was in his first event and was fabu.  Did I just say “fabu”?  I meant unbelievable!  He has since gone clear in the cross country part of two training level horse trials.  Two more clear cross country rounds at training level and he can move up to preliminary.  We are all learning about the Eventing world, but his trainer, Dean Graham, who is from New Zealand, says that Tigger is “bloody awesome!”

On the foal watch front, Red Hot Star, had a beautiful thoroughbred filly by Pioneerofthe Nile.  We think she looks like a champion. 

Until the next time, boys and girls (especially the girls),

Your friend,


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