You got it!  Back to the three R’s…Runnin’, Rattin’, and Raisin’ a Ruckus!  But we pretty much do that all year ’round.  There is a change in the air, especially in the morning.  It is a little cooler and a little darker in the mornings, so the guys start 1/2 hour later now.  We get to sleep in a little longer – it never hurts to have a little extra beauty rest.   I know what you are going to say – how could he be any cuter….well, don’t tell her I said this, but I was really talking about Hailey.

All the babies are weaned now.  Rosie was the last one.  Now Alan and Miss Paula are getting Rosie and Judy ready for the Belgian Warmblood inspection to be held at the farm on September 13th.  I watched them grooming the two fillies and teaching them to trot in hand.  I was impressed… I hope the inspectors will be, too.

Fedex had another race and he keeps getting better.  I heard he was third this time.  I think he is catching on.

There was a horse show the last two weekends and Special Blend was Reserve Champion PreGreen Hunter and, I heard, Ashton Alexander who rides Raffie, rode “Kona” in the Children’s division and got some good ribbons.  Tigers and Bears, “Tigger” and Regent Square, “Reggie”, went, too.  Tigger showed in a 2’9″ division and got a second place ribbon and Reggie schooled over 2’6″ courses.  They are only three years old so that is really great.

Thinking of just having celebrated Labor Day…I’ve seen alot of Mr. Jim lately.  He has been doing a great deal of mowing at the farm.  I like to bark at him when he rides up to the barn on his motorcycle. He looks really scary in his helmet and jacket.  He always laughs at me, especially when I snap at bugs.  Hey, we each have our jobs to do.  Just like Hailey…she knows we aren’t supposed to go out into the arenas, but Miss Paula had caught her in the outdoor arena a couple of times.  Being the smart lady that she is, Miss Paula knew Hailey must have had a good reason to be in there.  Sure enough, when Miss Paula went out to the jump where Hailey was digging, she saw a mouse.  I, of course, wanting to impress her, immediately caught the mouse and started trotting out of the ring, but the mouse escaped.  Miss Paula called Hailey over and Hailey, being the exceptional mouser that she is, caught the mouse and quickly disposed of it.  With everyone chipping in and doing their part, the farm runs like a well-oiled machine!

Signing off for now,

Your favorite Teacher’s Pet,