The Happiest of New Years!

I hope everyone had a wonderful fall and holiday season.  We are all looking forward to a great 2012.  Miss Paula and Snickers have been gearing back up for a busy winter.  She will be going to Wellington to see Winchester, Special Blend and Rafael, then Smooth Romance and Kalliope will be at the Jacksonville shows and then Tigers and Bears will be in his first 3 day event.  And that is just in January!

Alan has been planning for foaling season with our first mare due the end of January.  It is hard to believe the little babies will now be yearlings.  I heard that we will only be breeding three mares this spring.  I guess a couple of them will be getting a much needed break. 

On the racing front, Federal Exchange got claimed, but Popular Demand and Astronautica (homebreds) are in training in Ocala.  Miss Paula is hoping Popular Demand “Bam Bam” will be sent to the track soon.  I wish I could go see him race – that would be something.  I could really get him going out of that starting gate.

I have started some new routines lately that I really enjoy.  One is that I am now allowed into Miss Paula’s office when she gets to the farm in the morning.  She gives me and Snickers treats and I can stay in for a little while to visit.  I can tell she doesn’t like to let me out of her sight.  I told Snickers that she must  think that I am really handsome, but Snickers said she is just afraid I will do something untoward!  I can’t imagine why she would think such a thing…

Signing off,

Your rascally friend, Spot

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Tribute to Hailey

In Memory of My Sister and Best Friend
January 2004 – October 13, 2011

Gone but never forgotten.
My sister and lifelong companion, I will love you forever.
Your beloved brother, Spot

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Good News Bad News

Well, since my last post, there has been alot of activity at the farm, but also alot of anxiety because Miss Paula became very ill and hasn’t been able to visit me as much as usual.  She is doing well in her recovery, but we all miss her being around all the time.  We also don’t get to see Snickers quite as often, much to my dismay!

In the meantime, Alan, Kaelya, Marlon, Richardo, and Mario have been holding down the fort and doing an excellent job. 

We first had the weaning of the babies – Alan has it down to a science and it went great.  It was funny watching the four babies out in the big pasture for the first time.  It looked like one four headed, sixteen legged beast … you couldn’t tell where one began and the other left off.  They are a sweet group that all get along.  We found out we do have one jumper in the group, for sure, when they were all headed for the gate to be brought in with Ginger in the lead.  She knew if she stopped for the fence, the others would all run into her so she just jumped it – all four feet of it – only minor damage to the top board and barely skinned her “shins”!

Alan was busy getting prepared for Hurricane season – checking the generator, picking up loose items, clearing areas to park equipment under the arena.  He likes to be prepared and we all benefit from his planning.  Thanks, Alan.

Raffie did great at Pony Finals – he was first out of 99 after the first day, but fell back to 17th overall after the over fences – still good for having to compete with all those veterans.  It looks like he will qualify for Indoors – Go Raffie.

Zenith Dance was sold to a wonderful family in Colorado.  We hope he will continue his winning ways with Sarah Tredennick – Congratulations and Good Luck.  We will miss him.  All the girls call him adorable, but that is a little much for me to concede!

I love my Bridlebourne family and want to pass along Miss Paula’s thanks for all those who have been sending her well wishes.

Your ever faithful pal,


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Dog Days of Summer

We have had a rough spring and start to the summer.  It has been extremely hot and dry and smoky.  There have been forest fires in the area and sometimes the smoke is so thick, you can’t see to the other end of the pastures.  Thank goodness, recently, we have had enough rain to eliminate the smoke.  And that also means we can have fireworks for the 4th of July!

Well, I did get shaved for the summer – oh, the humiliation… but people do seem to like it and I get picked up alot more, so I’ll suffer through.

Two new boarders arrived yesterday.  Max and Skyway.  They are really cool.  Skyway is an older gentleman and Max is a young guy.  Miss Beth who owns them is very nice.  I’m hoping that by saying complementary things about all of them that Miss Beth might give me some treats – hint..hint!

I heard that Raffie did well at the Devon Horse Show and then was Champion at a show after that.  It won’t be long before Pony Finals – Good Luck, Little Man.

Zee and Chester continue to do well in the jumper ranks with Wilhelm and Theo Genn.  I did hear, however, that Mr. Jim and Miss Paula and Kaelya went to see Chester in a Grand Prix in Atlanta and it wasn’t his best effort.  Oh well..  not everyone can be on top of their game every minute of everyday like some …uh hem..  we know.  I really am one of a kind!

Miss Paula tried to take some pictures but the camera needs new batteries – maybe next time.  It is hard to get good help these days.

Happy 4th of July, fellow Patriots!

Your pal,


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Happy Easter

Hi to all the chicks and bunnies out there!  I hope everyone had a Happy Easter with family and friends.  We had alot hatching around here…two more foals since my last post.  Java had a filly by Hunter Champion, Ragtime.  Her name is Ginger and CJ had a filly by Richard (Decadent) named Mary Ann.  We are still waiting for Gilligan or Skipper!

I have been wearing myself out keeping away from the washracks.  I feel a bath and a clip job coming and I want no part of it.  Everyone says I look so cute afterwards, but the whole process goes against my “au naturale” persona.

We have started back with the training of the three year olds and Jewel and Kalli are doing very well.  We have also started Dino.  Hailey is feeling very left out, however, because her peep hole under the wall of the training pen has been filled in and she has to resort to just running around the outside to help with the lunging.

I guess I’ll leave you with this thought….You’re no bunny ’til some bunny loves you, and I do!


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It’s Been Awhile!

I know…. the questions on everyone’s mind are “Where has Spot been?” “How can I survive without Spot’s regular blog updates?”  I have no explanation for my absence other than to tell you that, knowing that I have disappointed my loyal followers, I will try to make it up to you!

After the Jacksonville shows, the jumpers went to Gulfport for five weeks of showing.  Zenith Dance made his mark on the 7/8 Year Old Jumper division and ended up Circuit Champion.  He also ended the year third in Zone 4 in the 6 Year Old Jumpers.  Miss Paula is going to have to make space for all of his ribbons and coolers.  Winchester is continuing to mature and impress in the bigger jumper divisions.  Both are earning their keep in prize money so keep up the good work guys.

Special Blend ended the year third in Zone 4 in the 3 foot PreGreen division and Rafael was Reserve Champion in both the Small Green and the Small Pony Hunter divisions in Zone 4.  And the awards just keep on coming!!!!

At the farm, we’ve been having babies.  As most of you know, Miss Paula, gets a kick out of picking the barn names for the foals and has a theme each year.  This year it is Gilligan’s Island.  We already have “Lovey” and “The Professor”.  “Lovey” is a beautiful half sister to Princess, Kalli, and Elroy.  She will make a dandy hunter – or so I am told.  “The Professor”, appropriately enough was born at the University of Florida  (his mom has had some difficult pregnancies).  He was bred to race.   Alan tells me he is not getting any sleep because Java’s foal is due any time and we have three more closely following.  That just means that I will have more to report.

I heard Chagall and Princess went to a local schooling show.  Paige and Chagall were Champions in the Pre Adult Hutners and Pre Adult Equitation.  Congratulations.  It was Princess’ first show and Kaelya said she acted just like a pro and got ribbons and everything.

Miss Paula has been traveling…alot…and she won’t be done for a few more weeks.  I don’t know about you, but I am anxiously awaiting the lazy days of summer!

Your sunny friend,


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Happy New Year

January is over and I haven’t even made a New Year’s resolution yet.  I don’t really need to work on self-improvement.  I’m as close to perfect as I am going to get… I’m always happy and helpful, so nothing needed in those departments.  My appearance is dapper and handsome.  I’m as friendly as can be…what more could any dog ask for.  I guess you can understand my dilemma!

We had a wonderful Christmas at Bridlebourne and now that decorations are down and stockings emptied, we have had to look for other ways to maintain our cheery countenances.  We have had many reasons to smile last month, as it turns out.

First, our pony, Rafael ended the year as National Small Pony Hunter Champion and Mr. Jim and Miss Paula went to Lexington (in -7 degree weather!) to receive his award at the USEF Horse of the Year Awards Banquet.  Since Raffie isn’t at the farm right now, I am taking credit for, I mean taking care of, his awards while he is gone.  They sat at a table with representatives from the Chronicle of the Horse and Practical Horseman magazines, among others.  I got really excited hearing that because I heard that Miss Paula mentioned my journalistic skills.  I’m expecting to get a call any day now.

Second, our racehorse, Federal Exchange ran in a race at Gulfstream and was in a photo finish for second.  He ended up third, but looked impressive running two turns on the turf for the first time.

Third, Regent Square showed for the first time in the Baby Green division at the Jacksonville Winter Series shows and was Champion the first week and won the hack and was Reserve Champion the third week and the hack winner.  Way to go Reggie.

Fourth, Zenith Dance and Winchester were at the shows in Jacksonville and Zee won a 7-8 year old jumper class and Winchester was in the Grand Prix.  It was his third Grand Prix – he had some faults, but looked good.

Exciting times!

Your correspondent, (ahem…Chronicle and Practical Horseman… are you out there?)


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Christmas Capers

Bridlebourne always has a busy December, but this year it is starting off at a gallop.  Rafael, Tigers and Bears, Special Blend and Regent Square met up with Chad at the Holiday and Horses show in Wellington.  Miss Paula, Mr. Jim, Alan, and Kaelya all assisted in one way or another.  Special Blend got ribbons in the PreGreen division and Tigers and Bears (our first homebred to show) made his debut in the Baby Greens with a second over fences and a third undersaddle.  Regent Square schooled over the courses like a champion and Rafael met his new pony “jock”, Hana Bieling.

While they were gone, I put up, I mean, I helped Alan put up, the wreaths and garlands in the barn.  It really does make the barn look festive.  All the horses and pups will get Christmas stockings full of treats.  Yippee!

We’ve had a cold spell and that usually means I get a sympathy invitation into Miss Paula’s office.  If I can control my seemingly uncontrollable urge to “mark” her chair, I might even get a second invitation.  At least Alan sets up a heater in his garage for Hailey and me.  When the clock strikes 4 PM and we are off work, we head straight for our heated area and don’t even try to get us to leave.  We are, after all, agricultural workers and don’t get paid overtime.

We are welcoming two new friends to Bridlebourne over the next few weeks.  Alexandra and Bella, who do the jumpers, and Paige and Chagall, who do the hunters.  It should be a fun and exciting winter show season.

Even though I love all the treats and pretty decorations at Christmas, Snickers reminds me of the real reason that we celebrate and what an important role a barn played in the story.  How the Christ child was born in a stable and was cradled in straw in order to bring God’s love to the world.  I am thankful that God made the animals and let them be the first to welcome His Son.

Have a blessed Christmas from all of us at Bridlebourne.


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Thanksgiving is Easy!

Yes, it is easy to be thankful, when you have my life.  A beautiful place to run around, nice people to take care of me, and even nicer people that visit and give me treats.  Speaking of treats, I think I missed Halloween.  Hailey told me that we had played too many tricks during the year to expect any celebration!  We did a few obligatory howls just for good measure.

Rafael is back at the farm, so all the oohing and ahhing has started all over again.  You be the judge – is he really that much cuter than me? 

Ok, don’t answer that, but who has the blog, huh?  He is actually enjoying his vacation alot.  He has his own little pasture where he can sunbathe and see everything that is going on.   He did very well at the indoor shows and got ribbons, even against ponies that have been showing for a very long time.   He will start showing again in December.

Winchester showed in his first Grand Prix  and did very well (isn’t that exciting – Bridlebourne has a Grand Prix horse) and Zenith Dance showed in a 1.40 meter class for the first time this month and had a double clear.  Miss Paula is looking forward to being able to see them compete at the Jacksonville shows in January.  Snickers is looking foward to seeing Chester.  He really liked her and would follow her anywhere.

Hailey and I have done a tremendous job with Jewel and Kalli, the two year olds in training (see video links on Horses for Sale page).  They are undersaddle and doing well.  We are all very proud of them and looking forward to seeing them progress after their winter break.

I hear so many people talking about how when they drive up the driveway to the barn, they love to watch the weanlings in the front pasture.  I like to watch them, too.  Sometimes they will come up to the fence and I jump up to “kiss” their noses.  Then the fun really starts!

Mr. Jim had his third annual Christian Motorcyclist Association cookout at the farm last weekend.  Now that is some good eats!  The people are so friendly.  I got to give the farm tours, but people kept trying to sit in my seat on the golf cart, so I just had to run ahead.  They didn’t realize that they were missing my amusing anecdotes – I guess they just had to settle for my “running” commentary!  (I just crack myself up).

Miss Paula just told me that I was getting too corny and that I would have to stop for now.  So Happy Thanksgiving.  We certainly are thankful for all of our Bridlebourne friends!

Your faithful scribe,


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Jumping into Fall

The weather has changed and the focus at the farm has changed, as well.  Everything is focused on winter now.  For one thing, no one is following me around with clippers!  The horses get to stay out a little longer and the young horses go through a little schooling while folks are home and not at shows.

The Belgian Warmblood inspection went well.  Of course, I was on hand to help out in any and every way possible.  The two fillies that Bridlebourne had inspected did very well.  “Rosie” scored and 82, which I understand is extremely good and “Judy” scored a 79, also a very high score.  Miss Paula was very proud!




The next exciting news that I heard was that Zenith Dance, one of our jumpers that was imported from Holland last summer, was Reserve Champion at the Midwest Young Jumper finals in the 6 year old division.  Miss Paula and Mr. Jim went up to watch and they said it was very exciting.  Yes, even Mr. Jim said it was exciting.  He liked the jumpoff the best!  Congratulations to Theo Genn and “Zee”.

This week starts “high school” for the two year olds.  They get to have a bridle on for the first time and a surcingle and they are long – lined until finally Chad gets on them and teaches them to walk, trot, and canter.  Then they will get a break until next spring.  “Kalli” and “Jewel”  are, so far, being good.  I’ll let you know how they do! 

The yearlings will all learn to stand in crossties and other various and sundry things so that it will only take one person to work with them from now on.  “Desi” and “Lucy” will enjoy the extra attention.

The weanlings continue to be handled, especially with the whole “give to pressure” routine reinforced.  “Astro”, “Elroy”, “Judy”, and “Rosie”  are the best!

Your pal,


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