Back to School Edition

You got it!  Back to the three R’s…Runnin’, Rattin’, and Raisin’ a Ruckus!  But we pretty much do that all year ’round.  There is a change in the air, especially in the morning.  It is a little cooler and a little darker in the mornings, so the guys start 1/2 hour later now.  We get to sleep in a little longer – it never hurts to have a little extra beauty rest.   I know what you are going to say – how could he be any cuter….well, don’t tell her I said this, but I was really talking about Hailey.

All the babies are weaned now.  Rosie was the last one.  Now Alan and Miss Paula are getting Rosie and Judy ready for the Belgian Warmblood inspection to be held at the farm on September 13th.  I watched them grooming the two fillies and teaching them to trot in hand.  I was impressed… I hope the inspectors will be, too.

Fedex had another race and he keeps getting better.  I heard he was third this time.  I think he is catching on.

There was a horse show the last two weekends and Special Blend was Reserve Champion PreGreen Hunter and, I heard, Ashton Alexander who rides Raffie, rode “Kona” in the Children’s division and got some good ribbons.  Tigers and Bears, “Tigger” and Regent Square, “Reggie”, went, too.  Tigger showed in a 2’9″ division and got a second place ribbon and Reggie schooled over 2’6″ courses.  They are only three years old so that is really great.

Thinking of just having celebrated Labor Day…I’ve seen alot of Mr. Jim lately.  He has been doing a great deal of mowing at the farm.  I like to bark at him when he rides up to the barn on his motorcycle. He looks really scary in his helmet and jacket.  He always laughs at me, especially when I snap at bugs.  Hey, we each have our jobs to do.  Just like Hailey…she knows we aren’t supposed to go out into the arenas, but Miss Paula had caught her in the outdoor arena a couple of times.  Being the smart lady that she is, Miss Paula knew Hailey must have had a good reason to be in there.  Sure enough, when Miss Paula went out to the jump where Hailey was digging, she saw a mouse.  I, of course, wanting to impress her, immediately caught the mouse and started trotting out of the ring, but the mouse escaped.  Miss Paula called Hailey over and Hailey, being the exceptional mouser that she is, caught the mouse and quickly disposed of it.  With everyone chipping in and doing their part, the farm runs like a well-oiled machine!

Signing off for now,

Your favorite Teacher’s Pet,


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Raffie Rules!

Hello fellow pony lovers.  Miss Paula and Mr. Jim went to Pony Finals in Lexington to see Rafael in the Small Green division.  Their trip started out in the Orlando airport.  While waiting for their plane to Lexington, a nice, pretty lady complimented Miss Paula on her horse themed carryon bag.  One thing led to another and it was discovered that the lady’s daughter was working for the trainer that has Raffie and she knew of our little  superstar!  I’ve been hearing that he was famous, but I didn’t want to believe he was more well-known than moi!  After all I write a widely read blog!  Now I hear he’s not just being called cute, but “drool-worthy”!  If its drool-worthy they want…I’m the guy!  Raffie certainly left his mark at the competition, winning the model, coming in second in the undersaddle, and ending up Reserve Champion and then coming back on Saturday to win the debut Top Model.   I guess you’d call him a Super Model!  Congrats, little man, and you’ll always be #1 in our hearts.  And congratulations to Miss Paula, too.  Her first pony went to pony finals and ends up a winner!


In other horse show news, Winchester won a $5,000 Gambler’s Choice class in Chicago.  He is really developing into a top notch jumper.

In racing news, Miss Paula and Mr. Jim joined the Haskell family at Monmouth Park on August 1st for the running of the Haskell Invitational.  They said they had a great time visiting and watching the races.  The next weekend, Fedex redeemed himself by coming in 4th in a Maiden Special Weight race for two year olds.

Snickers, Hailey, Cesar, Lily, and I are all enjoying the “dog” days of summer.  We like lying on the cool concrete in front of a fan or under a shade tree by the riding arena.  Many a time, we will all give each other that knowing look..that look that says, “it doesn’t get any better than this!”

Your drooling, I mean, Drool-worthy pal,


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Hey, it’s Hot!

Hi folks,

It really is hot here, after all it is July in Florida, but sometimes I feel like I am just melting…even after Kaelya got to me with the clippers! But we are all surviving.  I have to apologize because I missed wishing everyone a Happy Fourth of July.. at least I am in time for Flag Day!

Rafael continues to impress by being Champion at three more shows..way to go, Raffie.  Kona and Noble did great at a show in Atlanta and are now headed for Charleston.

Federal Exchange started in his first race but was disqualified…he bumped the side coming out of the starting gate, dislodging the jockey’s foot from the stirrup, the horse to the inside veered out and bumped him, he clipped heels with the horse in front, stumbled, the jockey fell off, and he finished the race jockeyless!!!!  Miss Paula, Mr. Quinn, the trainer and their guests were stunned.  Horse and jockey were uninjured.   Lets hope all the bad things happened in this one race.  Better luck next time, Fedex!

That’s all for now,

Spotty Boy (that’s what Miss Paula affectionately (I think) calls me.

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Summertime is Sublime!

Hi folks,

Spot here, keeping you up to date on everything Bridlebourne.  May was very busy with breeding mares, mowing pastures, horse shows and racing.  Where shall I start?

First of all, farm news.  Red Hot Star is back at the farm from Kentucky with her baby colt, Astro.  Astro is a thoroughbred that Miss Paula says will be a racehorse.  He looks a little timid for that right now, but now that I know his future career, I can start on his training.  The other foals are headed for the show ring.   We always load the babies on the trailer while they are still with their moms to make it easier later.  That is a lesson Miss Paula and Alan learned a long time ago.  They all got an A+.  Even Judy did well, although she has a disadvantage because her mom, Grizzley, makes such a racket moving around in the trailer, it would scare anyone.

Hailey and I have been trying to stay one step ahead of Kaelya because we know she wants to give us baths and bodyclip us.  She has been body clipping anything that moves, the last few weeks.  I keep trying to tell her that my hairstyle is part of my persona – don’t mess with perfection is my motto!

In racing news, we had a bittersweet day on May 29th.  He’s So Chic raced at Monmouth Park and won, again! but he was claimed.  Seven people wanted him.  He’s almost as popular as I am.  Miss Paula and Mr. Jim raced him seven times – he won 3 times, was second once and was fourth once.  We bid you a fond adieu, Chicy.  You will always be remembered as Bridlebourne Racing’s first horse and as a winner with a lot of heart.

Federal Exchange is scheduled to make his two year old debut soon – check back for updates.






















My friend, Casino, Millie’s horse, is quite perplexed about how to handle a new situation in his life.  Millie bought a new horse named Noble, with the help of Chad, our trainer.  Now Casino knows he is the light of Millie’s life, but this new guy is really sweet and handsome.  I keep telling Casino that he is one of a kind and has nothing to worry about.  Anyway, I know, Millie has enough treats and grooming and grazing time for another guy, after all, she gives me alot of treats and attention, too!

noble and casino 003







Mr. Jim and Miss Paula went to a horse show in Atlanta to see Rafael, Winchester, and Zenith Dance, who are all doing fine, by the way.  Rafael was Champion Small Pony, winning the model and the Classic.  Zee won the Six Year Old Young Jumper Champion Class and Chester performed well in all his classes.

Several people went to a horse show in Ocala and I heard that Sara was Reserve Champion Pre Children’s Equitation on Hogie and Devon got great ribbons on Toby.  Kona was Champion PreGreen and Noble was Reserve Champion PreGreen with Chad aboard.  And I might mention that was Noble’s very first horse show!  Kona was also Pre Green Circuit Champion of the RMI Spring Circuit!!  The show was alot of fun with a cookout one night and watching the Belmont another night.  Hey guys, when can I go to a show?  I am really offended that I have to hear about all this fun stuff second hand from Snickers.

I see some preparations underway for a few events in June – Bridlebourne is hosting an Oldenburg stallion inspection and Mr. Jim is hosting a cookout for the BMW motorcycle club of Northeast Florida.  Another horse show in Atlanta and maybe another horse race.  

 Babies to be weaned and horses to be trained, pastures to be mowed and rings to be dragged – the cycle of life at Bridlebourne.  I love it!

Happy Father’s Day to all and check back for more summer updates.

Your pal,


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Spring is in the Air


Hi friends and neigh…..bors!  Get it?  NEIGH.. bors!  (I just crack myself up!)  We have been so busy at the farm since my last post.  You guessed it, we have had more little foals.  Grizzley W, mom to Tigers and Bears, and Jewel, had a filly by Ironman on April 6th.  In keeping with our Jetson’s theme this year, we call her Judy.    Ellie, mom to Besame Mucho “Dino” had a little filly on Derby Day, May 1st.  We call her Sprocket.  We are always so relieved to have a healthy baby, although all of the visitors to the farm do require alot of my time to accompany them on the tour!







This time of year is always demanding for our guys getting the pastures and landscaping in shape. That means I have to keep a sharp eye on things so that we don’t get behind. 










Alan and Luis have done a great job fertilizing, mowing, weeding, and trimming.  I am so proud of Bridlebourne.  It looks absolutely beautiful this time of year.  And to make it even better we have paved our parking lots!  Wow- does it look spiffy.  Mr. Jim said it was an anniversary gift to Miss Paula.  He said it wasn’t the gold, silver, or diamond anniversay – the 20th is asphalt!

Chad Watridge, our trainer, has been working with the three year olds and they are very impressive.  They even went to a horse show in Ocala to get used to being on the show grounds.

Rafael continues to take the small pony division by storm.  He is second in the country in the small green division and at the RMI show in Ocala he won all the over fences classes, was second in the under saddle and won the classic in the small pony hunters.  He’s like a rock star!




Special Blend “Kona” continues his winning ways, too.  He was Reserve Champion in the combined PreGreen division at RMI and is second in Zone 4 in the 3 foot PreGreen division.

Winchester and Zenith Dance are with Wilhelm Genn at his farm in Ohio for a few weeks before starting to show again.  Their next show is in Atlanta in May.

It is really difficult to keep track of all the comings and goings, but that is what makes living and working here so exciting.

Racing News –

He’s So Chic shipped to Monmouth Racetrack for the summer.  He should be racing again in May.

Federal Exchange “Fedex”, a two year old should start racing in June.

A special “Bark Out” to my new canine lady friends who have been leaving comments and I want to make sure that I wish all the ladies a Happy Mother’s Day.   Hailey and I will gladly give all the moms who visit a big, wet kiss to show our affection!


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Happy St. Patrick’s Day

Hello friends!

I think Spring is finally trying to be sprung.  It has really been cold at the farm.  I’m not even going to say “cold, for Florida”.  It has been just plain cold.  We have recently been enjoying a little warmer weather.

Along with spring, comes more babies and we have another announcement to make.  Java Ridge, “Java”, had a beautiful filly, Rosie, on March 14th.  She is by Paparazzo and is bay with a pretty blaze and 3 tall stockings.  She is destined for the Hunter ring.  My friend, Lily, and Rosie’s mom really know how to make her feel welcome!  Alan, our farm manager, did a great job, as usual, with helping Rosie into this world.







Winchester, Rafael, and Casino have been at the horse shows in Ocala for the last five weeks.  Winchester has been showing successfully in the equitation divisions with Molly Braswell and Chase Boggio and is now in Wellington to be shown there for the next month.  He is a great guy and we hope he does well.  Rafael has been Champion and Reserve in the Small Pony and Small Green Pony divisions.  Yes, I know, “he’s so cute”.  Ashton Alexander has been showing him for Miss Paula.  Casino and Miss Millie have done well in the Adult Amateur divisions. 

Zenith Dance has been in Gulfport, MS with Wilhelm Genn.  His son, Theo, has been showing “Zee” in the 1.20 meter classes and the Six Year Old Young Jumper Championship Qualifying classes.  We are all waiting to see video, but we hear that he has been a phenom.

Kaelya and Miss Paula have started working with the three year olds.  They have all been ridden before, but now they start their more serious training.  Hailey and I really like this process because we are very involved.  Alot of the initial work is done in the training pen.  For some reason the horses are encouraged to go around in circles – sometimes at a walk, sometimes at a trot, sometimes at a canter – it is quite dizzying.  Anyway, Hailey has her favorite spot where she has dug a little hole under the fence where she can bark at the horses feet as they go around.  She takes her job quite seriously and is always available to assist.  My duties are to get the horses accustomed to noise and commotion, so I perch myself on the viewing deck and as the horses get close, I jump up on the side of the pen and bark as loudly as I can.  It is quite the coordinated effort.  Snickers, in my opinion, is quite lazy because she just lays in the sun on the viewing deck watching Hailey and I do all the work.  I think Kaelya and Miss Paula think that we are very talented and would like for us to be able to teach others how to perform as we do because I heard her tell Kaelya that she wishes she had a video of us helping.

Speaking of three year olds, we received Tigger’s awards from USEF and USHJA this last week.  He was Reserve Champion in the Silver Stirrup Awards for Two Year Old Hunter Breeding and Sixth in Zone 4.  Congrats Tigger!

Racing news!

He’s So Chic wins another race – this time at Gulfstream and Mr. Jim was there to see this one.  Congratulations, Chicy.

 Chic 2




























Well, that’s all for now, ladies and germs.  We leave you with Snickers’ special St. Patrick’s Day greeting. St Patricks Snickers







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Happy Valentine’s Day

Hi folks,

I wanted to make sure I got this posted before Valentine’s Day to remind you to stock up on Doggy Sweetheart Treats!   Being the lovable fellow that I am, I’ll be giving out lots of kisses – the really wet kind!

Ah… where shall I start..  January was jam packed full of excitement on and off the farm.  Kaelya returned and jumped right in by taking care of business at the shows.  Winchester, Zenith Dance, Special Blend and Casino were very busy in their respective divisions and they all made us proud.  Megan showed Chester, Zee, and Kona, and Miss Millie showed her horse Casino.

Winchester was learning how to be more huntery and equitationy, so Megan showed him in the Second Year Hunter division and in the $10,000 Hunter Classic.  He was reserve champion a couple of weeks and just missed the cut off to come back in the second round of the classic.  He was ridden by junior riders in the Equitation division and had several high placings.  He will be a star – whatever class he was in, they tell me, he had great presence and was very elegant!

Zee’s goal was to move up to the 1.20 meter classes and he did.  He is always exciting to watch and certainly seems to enjoy his job.  He had the only double clear round on the last day.

Kona was Reserve Champion in the 3 foot PreGreen Hunter division three out of five weeks.  Won several undersaddle classes and a classic and ended up …(fanfare!!!) Circuit Champion PreGreen Hunter!  Miss Paula was so excited and she told me that Kona looked so handsome in his new cooler.

Miss Millie and Casino were Champion and Reserve Champion and won the Classic  in the Adult Amateur division for the different weeks.  My friend Casino is really something – he gives Miss Millie all the credit for understanding him so well and she gives him all the credit for being such an awesome horse!

From all accounts Megan and Kaelya did Bridlebourne proud!

Racing news –

A three year old filly out of one of Miss Paula’s thoroughbred broodmares, Red Hot Star, broke her maiden at Gulfstream by over twelve lengths – that is really good!  We all knew her as Cricket, but her registered name is Stellar Vision.  She looked like she was having fun.  As I watched the TV, I remembered how I used to nip at her heels.  That probably helped teach her to be fast – I should be  listed as assistant trainer!

He’s So Chic, Mr. Jim’s and Miss Paula’s racehorse  had a close one.  He was in a photo finish at Gulfstream and ended up second by a nose.  Maybe next time, Chicy.  I should let his trainer know that I can be hired to nip at his heels!  Back in November he won a race at the Meadowlands.


Foaling news –

Red Hot Star had a whopping colt, “Astro”, by Chapel Royal on January 31st.  Mom and baby are doing fine.  They will be taking a trip to Kentucky for Star to be bred to Pollard’s Vision.

Lady Dalliance had a whopping colt also, “Elroy” (are you catching this year’s theme??).  Elroy is by Hunter Champion, Popeye K, and is a full brother to Dixie Kalliope “Kalli”.  He is chestnut with a star and large snip with three tall stockings.  He really is a looker.  Lady will be bred to our friend Stacia’s Dutch Warmblood stallion, Richard (aka Decadent, aka Ravanelli).


Other than my sister, Hailey, still trying to boss me around, this has been a great month.  I am really looking forward to all of the fun things that are going to happen in February.  We have more horse shows, more horse races, more babies on the way, and more good times to be had by all.


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Happy New Year!

Well, folks, sorry it has been so long since my last post.  Miss Paula separated her shoulder at the last horse show and, unfortunately, I need her help  with this blog.  Don’t worry she’ll be fine.

Thanksgiving week was alot of fun at the farm.  Miss Paula’s friend, Jean, came out and rode and planted flowers and plants around the office.  All the guys were sorry to see her go, but not nearly as much as Miss Paula.  We all hope she comes back to visit really soon.

Miss Paula went to the USHJA Annual Convention and was honored for her work on the Breeder’s Committee.  I always wondered what she is doing in her office everyday.  I guess she really is working!

We took Casino, Sunny, Winchester, Zenith Dance, Special Blend, and Cosmic Charley to the RMI December “A” show the middle of the month.  Charley didn’t get to show because of Miss Paula’s mishap, but Casino was Reserve Champion Adult Amateur and Winchester was Reserve Champion Second Year Green Hunter.  Congratulations to all.

All the ladies had a nice Christmas Party where they studied hunter rounds, ate, and got little gifts.  That is only what I heard because, ahem… I wasn’t invited.  Snickers got to go, but do you think they included Hailey and me?  No.  I guess I shouldn’t be too upset, I did get my stocking full of dog treats.

I’ve met a new trainer in recent days.  Megan Young, who won the Medal and Maclay in 2004 will be riding the Bridlebourne horses at the Jacksonville shows in January.  She seems really nice and seems to like Chester, Kona, and Zee, so I can’t wait to hear how they do. 

Our summer intern, Kaelya, will be back to work for Bridlebourne fulltime in January.  We are all anxious to see her again.  She will be helping out with lessons and at the shows and with all of Miss Paula’s office work.  Welcome back, Kaelya.

I’ve been dictating this to Miss Paula and I think her shoulder is starting to hurt so I’ll take it easy on her and stop for now.  Keep your email comments coming in.  I love hearing from you!


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Happy Thanksgiving!

November started off with a VROOOM!  Mr. Jim hosted the Second Annual CMA (Christian Motorcyclist Association) Cookout at the farm.  There were about 150 guests, most of whom rode in on their bikes.  Although Mr. Jim told people not to feed the dogs, I did manage to get a fair share of roasted hog and hot dogs.  I can’t wait until next year.

                             spot by CMA poster                spot at CMA picnie

Millie and Casino showed with Bridlebourne for the first time at the NFHJA show.  I think my close relationship with Casino brought him good luck because they were Champion in the Adult Amateur division and won the Classic.  Devon showed her horse, Leighton Bay “Toby”, for the first time, too.  Sara took her new horse, Backstreet Bay “Baxter”, too.  Our veterans, Emily and Adios “Jason”, were Reserve Champion Children’s Hunter Pony.  Congrats to all!

Miss Paula is excited because her lifelong friend, Jean, is visiting for Thanksgiving.  Jean has horses in California and has never been to Bridlebourne.  Miss Paula has warned me to be on my best behavior.  I don’t know why she is worried.  I’m always friendly and engaging.

Alan is looking foward to a busy Thanksgiving week.  That is when we start putting the open mares under lights so they can be bred early next year and we also decorate the barn for Christmas.  That means the dogs will get stockings full of treats – enough to last for a whole month – ahhh…life is good.

I hope everyone has a Happy Thanksgiving and remembers to be grateful for all the good things and special people in their lives.  I know I am so thankful for my home at Bridlebourne and all my great friends – two legged and four legged, and I know everyone is super thankful to have me around!

Eat alot of turkey and think of me!


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