I’m so busy these days that I thought I should double up on my holidays.  I hope you don’t mind. 

We have had such exciting times to go along with our beautiful spring weather.  We have had two foals.  Romeo and Hansel.  Again, Miss Paula is all agog over other guys.  I don’t have nearly the competition when we have fillies.  I have to admit, though, that both young men are handsome.  Nothing compared to yours truly, but that should go without saying!

Special Blend (Kona) won a Small Junior Hunter class in Wellington this weekend.  He is a great guy – rock solid.  I’m glad he is getting the recognition he deserves.  Katie, who rides him, really shows him off well.

Tigers and Bears (Tigger) who has continued to do well in the eventing world, went to a dressage show for a little practice and ended up receiving a qualifying score of over 68.  Hunters, eventing, now dressage??? Talent and good looks.  Some guys have it all. 

Drum roll, please!   Winchester won his first Grand Prix today at Gulfport Week VI.  He has been knocking on the door for weeks.  Second, third, and now…first place.  Way to go, W!  Snickers was always his favorite, but I don’t hold a grudge.

If it weren’t for us hard workers at the farm, our equine buddies wouldn’t be able to do what they do at the shows.  We know they appreciate us holding down the fort..farm.   We get lots of special treats and pats.  I wish someone could let Miss Paula know that the baths aren’t really looked upon as a reward.  Oh well, it is true that I get more attention, the cleaner I am.

Your happy hound, (well not really a hound, but I was going for alliteration!)