Ok, lets get the weather conversation over with.  First it was perfect, then wet, now hot….any questions??  Seriously, Tropical Storm Debbie left the farm a little squishy so we are just now drying out and getting pastures mowed and the outdoor arena back in shape.  Thank goodness we have the indoor arena!

My biggest news is that after a little dustup with my buddies at the farm (I may have started it, but I also got the worst of it!), I am now living with the love of my life, Snickers.  Miss Paula and Mr. Jim (and Snickers) have welcomed me into their home and I am loving it.  I never could understand why Snickers wasn’t that sad to leave the farm at the end of day… now I get it.  Nothing like having the best of two worlds.  I do have to have more baths, but that is a very small price to pay.

We had quite the shuffle of horses in June.  Kalli went to live with her new owners, Princess is going to live at another local barn with her new owners, Bam Bam has retired from racing and is now with Dean Graham, and Kona is home from Wellington.  Everyone is happy.  Miss Paula has been having fun riding Kona so he is top horse at the moment.

Since my last post, we had another foal born and we are already getting close to weaning time.  Three colts and a filly this year.  Just what Miss Paula wanted.  They really are a good looking bunch.

Part of the reason for the fracas with the dogs was that Alan’s dog, Cesar, died suddenly a few weeks ago and Alan now has a new puppy, Lincoln.  I think I was a little jealous of Lincoln and without Cesar to keep everyone in line, it got a little out of hand.  I miss him so much that I wrote a poem.

                                                       Ode to Cesar

 I once had a friend named Cesar.  He was handsome and strong.

Sometimeswhen I misbehaved, he would tell me I was wrong.

Although I was older, he was bigger;

And you didn’t want to cross him because he had a temper like a trigger;

But if you were ever in trouble, you wanted him on your side.

He would protect you and you could hide.

Cesar, my buddy, you will be missed

By everyone at Bridlebourne for reasons too many to list.

Rest in peace, my friend.