I am wiritng this blog as penance.  I am in the dog house – big time, which translates to …I’m spending alot of time in my little (and I emphasize, little) crate in the car and at home.

I have a tendency to get a little excited and my jaws just quiver.  Can I help it if sometimes something gets in my mouth and the quivering does some destruction?  I have been known to chew the inside door panels of a car that I am traveling in.  The first time was the Durango – Ok, it was old and it got repaired, but then – horrors.  I made the mistake of getting overly zealous with my barking and biting in Mr. Jim’s Mercedes.  That cost, not only, a pretty penny to fix, but also cost me the right to ever ride in that car again and I now have to be in a crate in Miss Paula’s vehicle if I am left alone.  Everything was peachy until she got a new Jeep Cherokee.  Yes, the crate got moved to the back of the new car, but I snuck some chews in on the rear door panel, the very same day the door panel shield arrived in the mail.  Oh boy – the wailing that ensued.  “My brand new car!”  “A day late on the door shield!” “How could you?!”  Well actually it was pretty easy.  Couldn’t she see those very distinct teeth marks?

My Handiwork

My Handiwork

Meanwhile at the farm, it is business as usual.  The barns are getting something of a makeover – pressure washing and moisture sealing the stalls, and the landscaping is getting tidied up.

We also have a whole new group of young horses getting started, three and four year olds.  From the chatter in the barn aisle, they are doing superbly!

Then there are the horses that are on the road showing.  Miss Paula visited Winchester and Dino in Traverse City, Michigan in July.  Desi has been showing in the Northeast in the Low Adult Jumpers.  Jewel completed her first recognized Event and finished on her dressage score.

I love Bridlebourne, the horses and people that make it special and, especially, Miss Paula! (Did I grovel enough?  Am I forgiven?)  Ahhhh..I got a kiss and a smile.  I am a happy pup.


Your friend,