Hear Ye, Hear Ye, Winchester Wins!

That’s all we heard this spring.  Winchester, Winchester, Winchester…Well, I guess, it is a pretty big deal.  He was second 3 out of 4 weeks and then won the $50,000 Grand Prix in Gulfport, Mississippi and was, obviously, Circuit Champion.  Then a few weeks later, he won the FEI Speed Derby at the Omaha International Horse Show.  What a dude and I knew him when!  We were all so happy that Miss Paula got to see both of his victories.  He will be showing at Devon and Spruce Meadows this summer and I think she already has her bags packed.


We had another foal in February , Ituzaingo “Tango”, a colt by Richard, out of Riches in Glory.  He is quite the looker and is very playful.  Since we only had the one foal, he wants to play with Alan and Miss Paula…he needs a playmate … badly!  I think one of the ponies will be sacrificed, I mean, will have the opportunity to keep him company.


Freeport BF “Elroy” and Kodiak BF “Judy” are both doing well having been started undersaddle.  They should be top notch hunters.  Elroy has come along so well even Miss Paula rides him.  He must be quite a good natured three year old for Miss Paula to trust him.



I have to admit that I am a little bored at the farm these days.  I get ignored alot and, frankly, I have gotten lazy.  I have learned that bad attention isn’t all that great and attention for being good is just not that fun.  Of course, I like any attention, but I’ve lost some of my motivation for mischief.  Wasn’t that part of my charm?  I’m always anxious to go out to the farm, but soon enough, I’m just as anxious to go home at night.  Has Miss Paula tamed my wild side?  Ah, the price of devotion.

I’ve noticed that the young horses start putting aside some of their mischief, too, when they are being trained, but they seem to enjoy the attention they get, as well.  Maybe it isn’t such a bad thing – this “being on your best behavior” stuff.

Here’s hoping everyone has someone to behave for!

Your canine philosopher,