Well, friends, I have been delinquent in keeping you up to date on Bridlebourne’s happenings and in June we had quite a whirlwind, literally!  An EF 0 tornado blew through and did quite a bit of damage at the farm.  Trees were uprooted, our flag pole snapped like a twig and sheet metal roofing cut a swath of damage in the path of the storm.  The roof and shedrow on the south side of the arena was completely demolished.  Thanks to Alan’s diligence in watching the weather, all the horses were safely in the barns.  After many months of consulting with insurance adjusters, engineers and contractors, the reconstruction is almost complete and we will now have bleachers that will view the indoor arena.  

tornado damage


Spot construction supervisor



I have really had my paws full with all the supervision that I have had to do.  Thank goodness I had the proper uniform.  Safety is important and, although I didn’t think that a hard hat was necessary, my vest alerted everyone to use caution!

Just wait until you see the final product.  I think that you will like it!

Your hard workin’ friend,