Yes, it is easy to be thankful, when you have my life.  A beautiful place to run around, nice people to take care of me, and even nicer people that visit and give me treats.  Speaking of treats, I think I missed Halloween.  Hailey told me that we had played too many tricks during the year to expect any celebration!  We did a few obligatory howls just for good measure.

Rafael is back at the farm, so all the oohing and ahhing has started all over again.  You be the judge – is he really that much cuter than me? 

Ok, don’t answer that, but who has the blog, huh?  He is actually enjoying his vacation alot.  He has his own little pasture where he can sunbathe and see everything that is going on.   He did very well at the indoor shows and got ribbons, even against ponies that have been showing for a very long time.   He will start showing again in December.

Winchester showed in his first Grand Prix  and did very well (isn’t that exciting – Bridlebourne has a Grand Prix horse) and Zenith Dance showed in a 1.40 meter class for the first time this month and had a double clear.  Miss Paula is looking forward to being able to see them compete at the Jacksonville shows in January.  Snickers is looking foward to seeing Chester.  He really liked her and would follow her anywhere.

Hailey and I have done a tremendous job with Jewel and Kalli, the two year olds in training (see video links on Horses for Sale page).  They are undersaddle and doing well.  We are all very proud of them and looking forward to seeing them progress after their winter break.

I hear so many people talking about how when they drive up the driveway to the barn, they love to watch the weanlings in the front pasture.  I like to watch them, too.  Sometimes they will come up to the fence and I jump up to “kiss” their noses.  Then the fun really starts!

Mr. Jim had his third annual Christian Motorcyclist Association cookout at the farm last weekend.  Now that is some good eats!  The people are so friendly.  I got to give the farm tours, but people kept trying to sit in my seat on the golf cart, so I just had to run ahead.  They didn’t realize that they were missing my amusing anecdotes – I guess they just had to settle for my “running” commentary!  (I just crack myself up).

Miss Paula just told me that I was getting too corny and that I would have to stop for now.  So Happy Thanksgiving.  We certainly are thankful for all of our Bridlebourne friends!

Your faithful scribe,