How To Draw A Horse With Wings

Someone who is new to drawing can be intimidated by drawing a horse with wings. It does not have to be difficult. A beautiful drawing of a horse with wings can be made with a bit of practice and patience.

To draw a horse with wings, you need to sketch the basic outline of the horse. Draw an ellipse shape for the head and two lines that form the neck and shoulders. Draw two lines that extend from the neck to form the body and then draw a line to form the tail. Draw four lines that form the legs after sketching the basic outline.

The details of the horse’s body are the next step. Draw the ears, eyes, nostrils and mouth. The mane and tail should be drawn first, followed by the hairs that make up the horse’s coat. Draw the shape of the hooves

Once the body of the horse is drawn, it is time to add wings. Draw a pair of lines from the horse’s shoulders to form the wings. Draw the individual feathers that make up the wings and then draw the details of the wings such as the veins and patterns.

The drawing needs to be colored in. Brown, gray, and black are colors that look similar to a horse’s coat. Adding colors to the wings makes them look more realistic.

It doesn’t have to be difficult to draw a horse with wings A drawing of a horse with wings can be created with practice and patience. Don’t forget to share your work with other people.