How To Draw A Realistic Horse Head

It was 1 Begin by drawing the outline of the head. Start with a “U” shape for the muzzle and an “O” shape for the horse’s face. Draw the top of the head and jaw line with curved lines.

There are 2. The face should have details added to it. To see the horse’s nostrils, draw a line at the top of the muzzle. Use a curved line to indicate the eyes, and draw two circles for them. The mouth is indicated with a curved line at the bottom of the muzzle.

There were 3. The ears need to be drawn. Curved lines can be used to draw the ears. Make sure the ears are pointing in the correct direction.

There are 4 The mane must be drawn. Start at the top of the head with a series of curved lines. The mane needs to be drawn in a pattern.

It was 5. Please add the details. The horse’s whiskers and nostrils are drawn with curved lines. Drawing small lines and dots can be used to add details to the mane.

6 is the number. Erase unneeded lines. To remove smudges and extra lines, use an eraser.

7 is the number. Shadows and highlights should be added. Draw shadows around the horse’s face and mane with a pencil. The highlights in the mane and eyes can be drawn with a lighter pencil.

It was 8. The horse needs to be colored. Colored pencils or paints can be used to color a horse. Use a dark color for the shadows and light color for the highlights.

The drawing of a realistic horse head requires patience and practice. You will soon be able to draw a realistic horse head if you keep practicing. You will be able to draw any type of horse with enough practice.