How To Fix A Barn Sour Horse

It isn’t easy to fix a barn sour horse, but it can be done with patience, understanding, and consistent effort. When leaving the safety of its home environment, a barn sour horse becomes stressed and resistant This can happen in a number of ways, such as being unwilling to work outside of the barn, or being difficult to load onto a trailer.

The first thing that needs to be done to correct this behavior is to know why the horse is doing it. Barn sour horses often express their fear of unfamiliar environments and desire to stay in their home. The next step is to identify thetriggers that are causing the horse to be anxious and to plan a course of action that will help them overcome them.

To keep the sessions positive is the most important aspect of barn sour horse training. Positive reinforcement and rewards like treats and praise can be used to achieve this. Negative reinforcement or punishment will only make the horse more fearful and resistant.

It is important to start slowly and work up to longer sessions. Take the horse for short walks around the property. As the horse becomes more comfortable, add in different environments such as a nearby field or trail. If the horse is calm and willing, reward them with praise and treats.

Ensuring that the barn sour horse has plenty of time to rest and relax is an important part of fixing it. Horses need regular down time to replenish their energy levels. Allow them to rest, take a nap, or stand in the sun. They will be able to remain calm.

It’s important to keep the horse’s safety in mind. Make sure that the horse is comfortable in their surroundings and that the environment is not overwhelming. If the horse begins to act up, remove them from the situation and allow them to calm down.

It isn’t easy to fix a barn sour horse, but it can be done. The horse will eventually learn to be comfortable in new environments and will be willing to leave the safety of the barn with the help of consistent effort and positive reinforcement.