How To Get A Horse In Bitlife Without Paying

It’s possible to get a horse without paying anything. You will need to take part in various activities in the game in order to do this.

To get a horse, you need to complete events. The calendar icon can be found on the home screen. There are a variety of events you can take part in. In the spring, you can find events such as the Derby. You might be rewarded with a horse if you complete these events.

Competitions are a way to get a horse. On the home screen, there is a Competitions icon. You can compete in many events such as show jumping and cross-country. You could get a horse if you win the competition.

You can get a horse by finishing jobs. The Jobs icon on the home screen can be used to find Jobs. Depending on your career path, you may be able to take part in jobs that offer rewards such as horses. If you are a horse breeder, you may be rewarded with a horse when you complete a job.

You can also get a horse by completing achievements. The home screen has a Achievements icon. You may be rewarded with a horse depending on your achievements.

It’s possible to get a horse in BitLife without paying anything. You can complete events, competitions, jobs, and achievements. Try out different activities to see if you can get a horse for free.