How To Get A Horse To Come To You

1 Establishing trust is the most important part of getting a horse to come to you. You need to create a bond with your horse in order for it to trust you. Spending time with your horse, brushing and grooming it, and offering treats can be done. Always be gentle and patient with your horse, he is sensitive and can tell when you are sincere.

2 If you appear nervous or scared around horses, they will sense it and become nervous as well. Show that you are the leader by approaching your horse with a confident attitude. Your horse will be more likely to come to you if you stand tall and move confidently.

3 If you call your horse, they will be more likely to come to you. Make sure to give your horse a few seconds to respond by calling in a calm, friendly voice. If your horse doesn’t come to you right away, try calling it again in a louder voice.

4 It’s important to reward your horse for coming to you. Give it a piece of hay or a treat and pat it on the neck. It will help your horse associate come to you with something positive, and it will be more likely to come to you in the future.

5 If you play games with your horse, it will learn to come to you. Try hiding or playing tag. This will help you bond with your horse and make it more likely to come to you when you call.

6 Practice makes perfect, that’s the most important thing to remember. When your horse comes to you on command, make sure to practice these steps every day. You will be able to get your horse to come to you whenever you call.