How To Get Calyrex Off The Horse

In Pokemon Sword and Shield, getting Calyrex off the horse is an important part. Some of the tasks that players must complete in order to do this can be difficult and time consuming.

The first thing you need to do is get a Dynite Ore from a man in the wilderness. There is a man in the area between Freezington and Snow slide Slope. The gold must be taken to a spot in the Giant’s Bed where it can be given to a particular person. There will be a shrine to appear. The Relic Crown is obtained by paying a fee of Dynite Ore.

The player must go to the Three-Point Pass to find a small shrine once the Relic Crown has been obtained. Calyrex will appear when you go to the shrine. The player needs to feed Calyrex the Relic Crown to get his trust and form a bond with Pokemon.

Next, Calyrex will be taken for a ride on the horse. The player has to catch a wild horse. Throwing a Poke Ball can be used to approach the horse. Once the horse has been caught, the player needs to ride it to the Three-Point Pass and interact with the shrine to get the Shadow Rider outfit. The player must wear the outfit and ride the horse with Calyrex on its back.

In order to convince Calyrex to come off the horse, a series of tasks and activities must be completed. Helping Calyrex and the horse restore the Crown of the Wild in the Snowslide Slope, clearing the ice around the Crown of the Wild with the horse’s help, and collecting Dynite Ore in the Three-Point Pass are all included. Calyrex will come off the horse once all of the tasks are completed.

The player needs to interact with Calyrex again to get Calyrex’s special ability which can be used to create a new area for Calyrex to explore. Calyrex will be off the horse and the player will have finished the task.

In Pokemon Sword and Shield, getting Calyrex off the horse is an important part. Completion of the process will allow the player access to a powerful new Pokemon and a new area to explore. Players should be able to get Calyrex off the horse without too much trouble if they follow the steps outlined above.