What Are Horse Pills

Horse pills are large, cylindrical tablets or capsules of medicine. They are more difficult to swallow than smaller pills due to being made of a tough material.

Horse pills are similar in size and shape to the pills that horses were traditionally given. They are used to deliver larger amounts of medication than can be delivered in a smaller pill. Patients who need a higher dose than can be provided in a smaller pill can use them.

The main benefit of horse pills is that they allow for more accurate dosing. By delivering a larger dose of medication in one pill, it can be easier for the patient to get the correct dose. It is easier to ensure that the same amount of medication is released from each pill if the pills are larger.

Horse pills are hard to swallow. They can be hard to get down the throat since they are large. It can be difficult for patients with difficulties swallowing to take their medication.

There are horse pills that are wallowable to make it easier for patients to swallow them. The pills are easy to swallow because they are designed to be dissolved quickly in the stomach. Some pills may be scored to make it easier to break into smaller pieces.

Horse pills can be hard to measure. It can be difficult to determine how much medication is in each pill when a precise dosage is needed. Some manufacturers offer pill-counters that can help measure the dosage accurately.

Horse pills can be used to deliver larger doses of medication than can be delivered in a smaller pill. There are ways to make them easier to swallow, such as swallowable horse pills. They can deliver a precise dose of medication.