What Is A Short Wall In A Horse Trailer

A short wall in a horse trailer divides the trailer into two sections, usually one for horses and one for storage or tack. Short walls can be found in slant-load trailers, which have an angle or slope at the front and rear. The lightweight material used for the wall is low enough that the horses can easily see it.

Horse trailers have short walls that are important for several reasons. They help to keep horses from getting tangled in equipment or coming into contact with sharp objects by providing a physical barrier between horses and storage or tack. Horses are able to move around the trailer more easily because of short walls.

Bolts or rivets are used to secure the short walls. Rivets are the most common type of fastening used, as they provide a secure and reliable connection that won’t come loose over time. Bolts are not as strong as rivets and may need more frequent replacement.

It’s important to make sure the wall is level and secure when installing a short wall. If the wall is not level, it can cause the trailer to sway or rock, which can be dangerous for the horses and the driver. The wall should be checked periodically to make sure that the bolts are secure.

It is important that the wall is the correct height. Depending on the size of the trailer and the size of the horses being transported, short walls are usually between 48 and 54 inches tall. The horses may become anxious and stressed if the wall is too tall or too short.

A short wall in a horse trailer is an important safety feature that helps protect both the horses and the equipment stored in the trailer. Ensuring that the wall is level, secure, and the correct height is important to ensure that it functions as intended.