What Is Barn Sour Horse

Barn sour horses have been trained, but not completely. They show signs of resistance to riders by backing away from the mounting block, rearing, and spinning in circles. Barn sour horses are often unwilling to leave their home, stall, or herd.

Barn sour is a sign that a horse is not comfortable leaving its home or the environment it has become accustomed to. Lack of proper training, incorrect training techniques, and not getting enough time out of the barn can cause horses to become barn sour.

A horse that is barn sour may be frightened in new situations. It may be reluctant to move forward, may spin or buck when asked, and may refuse to move away from it’s home. The horse may become agitated when separated from its herd or stall mates, and may become upset if it cannot return to its home quickly.

Identifying why the horse is displaying these behaviors is the first step in fixing a barn sour horse. It is important to look for any underlying causes, such as improper training, lack of time outside of the barn, or fear of leaving its home. The next step is to start training the horse.

Desensitizing a barn sour horse to unfamiliar objects is a good way to begin training. Slowly introducing the horse to the mounting block will reward it with treats and praise. It is important to introduce the horse to a variety of environments and experiences, such as taking it for a walk in a new area or having it work in an arena.

It’s important to reward the horse when it does something right, such as taking a few steps away from the barn. Increasing the horse’s confidence and understanding that leaving the barn is not a bad thing can be achieved by rewarding good behavior.

It is important to be patient with a barn sour horse. It is important to remember that the horse is not trying to be difficult, but reacting to its environment, and that training can take a lot of time and patience. A barn sour horse can learn to trust its rider and be comfortable leaving its home with consistent, patient training.